Our Testimonials

So Luscious has been used successfully by customers for a variety of reasons, whilst the customers have ranged in age from their early twenties up until their late sixties. Some wanted longer, luscious lashes, some desired thicker eye brows, whilst others wanted to regrow eye brows that had been lost for years. Why not take a look at some of the testimonials of our users, to get a clearer picture of just how effective So Luscious has been for them?


I had quite thick lashes to start with but I wanted them longer and I wanted thicker brows too. I spend a fortune on products for my skin and face and always try to get natural products. It’s hard to find them as they are more often than not full of chemicals. When I was told this was organic I was up for trying it out. Within a week or so I started to see growth and after a few weeks my lashes had thickened and grew longer. I was blown away by how quick it worked and was soon only using maintenance applications. I was so pleased I have also done a video testimonial for Creative. I cannot recommend it highly enough. For the price it’s unbelievable value and to know it’s not toxic or full of parabens and formaldehyde is unheard of really. The rollerball makes it so easy to use too. I won’t go without it now!

Mariya, 23

As you get older you start to lose your lashes and I had barely any on my lower eyelids. I started the serum on recommendation of a friend who had great results for her lashes and had explained it regrew hair too. I used it twice daily most days but sometimes just at night. Within weeks I could put mascara on and actually see my lower lashes. They’ve more volume and length now and I keep using the serum every day at least once. As I’m nearly 70, I think I will have to keep it like that rather than the 3 maintenance doses the company recommend. Now I have lashes I don’t want to risk losing them. The bottle lasts for months and I still have over half left and I’ve had it now for over 3 months. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used and when the bottle does eventually run out I will be buying another!

Val, 68

I was told about this organic serum by a friend who had said her eyelashes had started to grow in a week. I knew by just looking she had done something as they were much longer and more curled. If she had told me over the phone I probably wouldn’t have believed it was possible. I was willing to try it straight away and soon picked some up. I wanted longer lashes and usually paid as much for semi-permanent ones from the salon every 5 or 6 weeks. I wasn’t sure how quick it would all happen or if indeed it would but after 4 or 5 days I could tell something was happening. With my mascara you could really notice. By the third week they had grown loads and even without mascara it was very noticeable. People commented at work and were amazed when I told them I wasn’t wearing fake but had used a new serum. I just use it 3 nights a week now to keep the follicle health up and I have barely used any of the serum, it’s still nearly full. It takes no time to get on as you just have to roll it across a few times, so there is no messing about trying to get at it with a wand. It’s amazing stuff!

Becca, 30

I had lost a lot of my eyebrow hair through plucking about 4 or 5 years ago and had pencilled them on for years. I heard about So Luscious and thought it was well worth trying once I knew it was all organic oils. I have sensitive skin so have to be careful what I use. I did have hope at the start but was obviously sceptical too as I had been without eyebrow hair for so long. Well, within days I could see new hair starting to sprout where it hadn’t been and I was excited. Within weeks it was growing back and I couldn’t wait to keep putting it on and seeing how it would go. After about 4 weeks I went and had my eyebrows reshaped for this first time in ages. So Luscious is a miracle! I can’t believe how quick it has worked. Like Mariya, I also did a video interview for the company and am also trying a new nail serum they are working on which has also been amazing for strengthening my nails and healing my cuticles. I can’t recommend them enough and for the price it’s unreal!

Anastasia, 56

I was recommended this product by a close friend who also struggles with her eyelashes and eyebrows, or should I say the lack of them…. I took the plunge 3 years ago and decided to go under the knife and have my eyebrows micro-bladed. I loved the results but knew they wouldn’t last forever. I also had individual lashes put on and topped up every 3 weeks. Again, I loved the results but not being able to wet or rub your eyes is so annoying. So when I heard about this natural product I jumped at the chance of giving it a go. The lashes were taken off and I started to use the serum. Rollerball application makes it simple and effortless to use. Within weeks the results were unreal….my lashes are fuller and longer and my eyebrows are sprouting in all the right places. I can’t stress enough that this product really is food for follicles!!!

Nicky, 33

I wanted longer lashes so jumped at the chance to try this new product my friend had been raving about. She had been using it for eyebrows and eyelashes but I just wanted longer lashes. I usually use fake lashes but it’s a hassle spending the time doing them yourself and a fortune getting them done at the salon. I probably started noticing gains about 2 or 3 weeks after starting the serum but from there they came on loads. They are much longer and definitely thicker and I got lots of comments about them off friends. It seems to use so little of the serum, the bottle will last for ages. So Luscious is so easy to put on as well, it takes just seconds to roll it on a few times. I’m really happy with the results and knowing it’s all natural and organic is fantastic too. It’s really nicely packaged and looks very classy but at a price you can afford. I am recommending it to all my friends and family, it’s amazing.

Lauren, 25