Today we want to look into the widely used controversial chemical chlorphenesin. The anti-fungal is a strong chemical which is used as a preservative, to prolong the shelf-life of cosmetics. A panel found it had the potential to be an even greater irritant when combined with phenoxyethanol. Some competitors use this, as well as phenoxyethanol, in their formulas. It is used in anti-fungal formulas for nail treatments frequently also. Despite being one of the milder preservatives, there have been world-wide reports of side effects through its use in cosmetics. The chemical causes microscopic damage to the skin which can result in contact dermatitis, particularly for those with very dry skin or sensitive skin. Redness, swelling and rashes are common reactions in such circumstances. Despite not being regarded as toxic as parabens or idiopropynyl butylcarbamate, like benzyl alcohol, it is not safe for infants. For this reason, mothers and particularly nursing mothers, are dissuaded from its use (FDA).

Japan has restricted its use with limitations for safety reasons. In Europe and the USA, chlorphenesin is permitted at 0.3%, yet Japan has restricted this even lower for use in products which come into contact with mucus-membranes contacting areas. Mucus-membrane contacting areas include the eyes, lips and intimate hygiene areas. As eyelash growth serums do come into contact with such areas, potential users should be aware that there is the possibility that negative reactions may occur. One of the benefits of chlorphenesin is that it helps ingredients slip deeper into the skin. That said, if other toxins are present in the formula along with chlorphenesin, then surely this has to be an increasing danger. An ingredient commonly combined with chlorphenesin is phenoxyethanol, which was subject to scrutiny in our last post. If chlorphenesin assists in a deeper penetration of such ingredients, then it is highly likely the ingredient will be entering your blood stream quicker. There are those who still doubt as to whether products placed on the skin, can actually enter your bloodstream.

It is well known that birth control patches and nicotine patches DO work. These methods are through contact on the skin. Those still believing products used on the skin, don’t enter the bloodstream, need to rethink. Environmental Working Group (EWG) sponsored an American study in 2009. The study analysed cord blood samples taken from 10 babies from across different areas of the USA. The study found traces of 232 synthetic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood. The initial study had been to investigate whether Bisphenol A (BPA) would be present. Unfortunately, the plasticiser which is used extensively in food and drink containers, was found in 9 out of 10 of the umbilical cord blood samples. As well as the hormone-disrupting chemical which is BPA, chemicals from common cosmetic fragrances and other household goods were found. The study was a follow up to an earlier study in 2004, which found over 280 industrial chemicals and pollutants in the umbilical cord samples. This also adds further evidence, to how we are on a constant drip-feed of toxicity and that despite the potential low risk of certain toxins, we are constantly topping up our overall level of toxicity.

As a company, Creative Allure Cosmetics refuses to strive for profits before safety. Our aim is to bring high-grade, high performance ingredients from nature itself, to give the body what it needs. Short cuts and cheap options don’t always lead to a better outcome, toxicity is an expensive price to pay. As we move further into this century, we will see an even greater move towards people seeking TRULY natural products. The movement has gone beyond starting and is growing with the greater awareness of these times. There is no need for many of the synthetic ingredients being used in formulas and there are many options available from TRULY natural sources. We hope that you will not only take our word on what we write here, but follow it up by reading the links below. There are of course many more resources available for you to further research these areas. We strongly recommend that you do research of your own and become educated on the dangers of toxicity. As we have seen here, a toxic body affects not only you but the children you give birth to. The rise in the frequency of many diseases, coincides with the rise in our generations level of toxicity. Is that a coincidence?…… we recommend detoxification as another area you would do well to research, to better make up your own mind. In regards to chlorphenesin, we agree with Annmarie Gianni, there is no need for it, but as always, we will leave you to make up your mind!


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