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Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our product. Please take a look and if you have a question that hasn’t been asked below, please visit our contact us page. Here you’ll be able to contact us for further advice or guidance.

What if I miss an application?
We recommend using the serum twice a day to gain results fastest. If a user is only going to use the serum once a day for any reason, then we recommend nightly use. This allows the serum to soak into the hair follicles over-night.

For morning use we recommend that the user should apply the serum and allow at least 15 minutes for the serum to soak in, before the application of eye make-up.

Will my make-up still apply properly?
If following the recommendation of building up to 2 or 3 rolls across the eye lash roots and 15 minutes is given for the serum to soak in, applying make-up is no problem. Some users have reported they apply 4 or 5 rolls across the eye lashes with So Luscious and then apply make-up without problems.

If you feel that you have applied too much serum to apply your make-up after the stated time, you can carefully dab across the eye lashes with tissue paper. This should ensure there is none of the serum to obstruct the application of eye liner etc. *REMEMBER TO DO THIS CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY, WITH THE TISSUE PAPER FOLDED OVER WITH NO LOOSE PARTS OVER-HANGING, TO AVOID SCRATCHING THE EYE LENS*.

Can I apply the serum 3 times or more?
Our laboratory testing states that 2 applications daily can be made and we strongly recommend not exceeding this. There is also no need to do this, as twice daily applications is all that is needed to increase the health of the hair follicles.
Why are there no active ingredients in the serum?
Our unique formulation of organic oils is designed purely to feed the follicles the nutrients needed to allow them to be optimally production. Chemical stimulation may increase growth temporarily, but it merely masks and further undermines follicle health. We believe a non-toxic route that increases health is a far better and safer solution.
What happens if I get it in my eyes?
If you are using the roller ball applicator properly this will not happen, so we recommend using this safely and slowly. If the serum still gets in the eyes, we recommend washing the eyes out by splashing them with LUKE WARM WATER. *COLD WATER MAY SHOCK THE EYES*.
My eyes began to sting or itch shortly after application, is this normal?
This is something that has been rarely reported, even by those who stated they have to be careful which cosmetics they use, due to sensitive skin.

If this does take place you must take note of how much of the serum you applied. Did you use too much or over the recommended application rate?

The serum is nutrient dense and if you have had dryness or other skin complaints in these areas this may be the source of the issue. We recommend starting with just 1 roll across the eye lashes to avoid issues such as there, so the nutrients do not cause such a reaction.

Any reaction such as this should pass quickly and should not continue with use beyond the short term as the skin builds up toleration of the nutrients.

If you used more than 1 roll, cut back to 1 roll again and see if this helps. You could also go to using just one application a day for a few days and then build it back up.


Can it applied over the top of eye-liner or make-up?
As the make-up will be causing an obstruction to the direct application of the serum to the hair follicle roots, we only recommend using make-up AFTER APPLYING THE SERUM and after the before stated time frame.
Do I need to apply to the eye-lashes directly?
No. Condition affects will develop for the eye-lashes by feeding the hair follicles, using the serum directly onto the eye-lashes will just use the serum up more quickly. This is why we use a roller-ball applicator and not a wand. Wand systems are not as direct and can result in wasted serum. We would sooner you get more from your money!

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