SO Luscious

The most unique eye lash and brow growth serum on the market

Made from 100% natural organic plant based oils, this nutrient dense serum is literally a ‘food for follicles’

100% natural ingredients

Our unique formulation of ‘non toxic’ high grade organic ingredients ensures you get maximum results safely.

Growth evidenced in 4 weeks

Applying our natural growth serum will have you seeing noticeable results in under four weeks.

Food for follicles

Learn more about how we can feed your follicles and have visible results in under four weeks.

Eyelash Growth

Eyebrow Regrowth

Nourishment is the key to your follicle health

Many formulas on the market contain a few natural ingredients, amongst many synthetic ingredients, which can have some severe implications on not just the health of your hair follicles but your total health.

So Luscious facilitates the full recovery of damaged hair follicles and not only stimulates the growth of eye lashes and eye brows but the regrowth of lost eye lashes and eye brows. The chemicals in false eye lashes adhesives cause damage to the natural state of your eye lashes and this eventually leads to weak or lost lashes. Chemicals used in adhesive removers, further impede the health of the eye lashes.

Over time this will lead users of false eye lashes to inevitably suffer deterioration in follicle health. It is common to find damage caused by plucking eye brows also. This practice frequently leads to the loss of eye brow hair, although So Luscious has facilitated the full recovery of the eye brows in these cases.

No parabens & No formaldehyde


What Our Customers are Saying

This is a fantastic product, I trialled this over an 8 week period, applying in the morning and before bed. Its easy rollerball applicator is effortless and easy to apply. I noticed after 2 weeks my lashes looked thicker and healthier … Read more Samantha - 45 years old

My eyelashes responded quickly, by the 2 weeks mark I noticed they felt much thicker and healthier and by week 3 I was asked at work if I was wearing false lashes by a colleague. I hadn’t realised then myself that they had grown that much… Read more

Gemma - 31 years old